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62th Draw, Jackpot 10,000

Set For Life Results Today 12th December 2019

Set for life national lottery results available here. You can check lotto result tonight. We publish set for life national lotto result wining number as national lotto result is drawn. Scroll down to see set for life results today.

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The national lottery is performing well for years. Camelot group that hold national lottery license has introduced a new game that is known as set for life. Camelot CEO, Nigel Railton, said, this annuity game is best for those who want to earn for long period of time. Set for life is very popular in UK and Us and also in Australia. Young age people are very interesting in set for life. And it is also good appeal for the middle aged because receiving your wining amount in installments like a pension.

Set for Life Results Prize List

If you want to play set for life you have to pick 5 main digits from 1 to 47. And you have to choose one life ball from 1 to 10.

  • In set for life if you match the 5 main numbers and 5 life ball. Set for life will give you an amazing top prize of £10,000 every month for Thirty years.
  • For matching 5 main numbers you can win £10,000 for a year
  • 4 main numbers and the life ball: £ 250      
  • 4 main numbers: £50        
  • 3 main numbers and the life ball: £30        
  • 3 main numbers: £20        
  • 2 main numbers and the life ball: £10        
  • 2 main numbers: £5

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